April 18, 2021


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Free Minolta camera manuals: KM still has ’em online

Hey! Need a user manual for your SRT101? Or maybe for an old XG-M? Your father in-law gave you his old Maxxum 800si, but you’re unsure how to use it? Look no further than the original source.

I get lots of questions from users asking about manuals. “Where can I get a manual for my Minolta (insert camera model here) ? Since almost any Minolta you acquire will be pre-owned, there is a good chance it will be missing that all important manual.

Many people don’t realize that Konica-Minolta still maintains an excellent collection of original user manuals at the KM support site. Even though KM has exited the camera manufacturing business, they haven’t taken their manuals and software offline. Thus, as this is written (August 2007), you can still find downloadable manuals for almost all of KM’s digital cameras, as well as the majority of AF models. If you are lucky, you will even find a manual for your forty year old manual-focus SLR at the site.

The downloads are free, so if you need a manual for any Minolta camera, scanner, printer, etc. this is the first place to look.

Of course there is always the chance this resource might disappear at some point, and not every Minolta model is represented. If you can’t locate what you need at the KM site, the following sites offer various collections of user manuals.


A fairly comprehensive collection of user manuals covering the Maxxum A-mount and the earlier Minolta manual cameras. There are also some accessory manuals. Most of the manuals are available for free download, although to conserve bandwidth the site requires you to request some of the more obscure items. Viken also sells some Minolta service manuals


Another great Minolta manual collection. I have used this site in the past and found everything I was looking for. The site offers auto and manual SLR users guides, as well as rangefinders, individual lens manuals, even some free service manuals.,


Site offers free service materials, including four pages of SRT101 disassembly drawings.


In addition to tons of information about the Minolta manual focus cameras, the Rokkor Files also offers a large selection of scanned Minolta instructions and guides. You can download the PDFs for free, but Andy also has a number of original paper factory manuals for sale.


Lots of scanned manuals covering scanners, flash guns, lenses and of course, cameras.


The manuals on this site aren’t free, but you’ll find lots of stuff that you won’t see anywhere else. Instead of online PDFs, this site offers reprints of the original paper manuals. They have a large collection, some of it predating the Minolta SLRs, including Autocords and folding Minoltas.


Another site selling original instruction manuals. Obviously, the available manuals will vary.


Great site for free parts manuals. It covers mostly the Konica-Minolta digital stuff, although I did see the Maxxum 5, 7 and 9 film SLRs listed. Sorry, the Maxxum 5D and 7D don’t appear to be available here.


This site focuses on electronics, and as such offers lots of printer and scanner manuals. You will find most of the Dimage series camera manuals as well.

Maxxum Dynax AF Lens Repair Manual CD

Pete Ganzel is the original Minolta hacker — he is responsible for a number of incredible Minolta upgrades and mods. Ganzel sells a CD entitled the Minolta Maxxum Dynax AF Lens Service Repair Manual Mini CD, which covers most of the popular Minolta a-mount lenses. The $24.00 CD features 693 pages of information along with hi-res exploded parts diagrams. A must it you are into repairing or modding you Minolta AF lenses.


A site selling a download of a 190 page service manual for the X-700. I haven’t seen it, but if i had a sick X700, I would consider it.

This is only a sampling, but I hope it helps those looking for information on their old, out-of-production cameras. If you know of any other manual sites that shoul be listed here, leave a comment so I can add it to the list.