February 1, 2023


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  1. Hi, I’ve been using Minolta’s since 1970, buying my Minolta 102 and lens along the way.. when digital came along, I got the KM-5D , which works great, and I sprung for the Alpha 350.. I bought along the way the Minolta 28-105 zoom lens, with the power zoom. I really like the lens,, what do you know about it ?? It is a lot heavier than the 18-70 Sony lens that came with the 5-D, but I believe the glass is better on the minolta..any thoughts on the lens would be appreciated !! I also got the field guide for the Alpha 350,, how is the book Magic Lantern puts out for the 350?? I enjoy all the information in the field guide, and was just wondering if the ML book is any better or worse.. thanks, Bruce

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