July 20, 2022


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Poll results — 45% have pre-ordered Sony A100.

Well the results of the first poll are in — although the response was less than what I would have liked. Out of over 500 visitors during the last week, a mere 11 voted — something like .022 of one percent. That is pretty pitiful. Maybe a lot of visitors simply came via RSS feed and didn’t actually view the sidebar where the poll is installed. Still… that’s a pretty slim margin.

The question was “Will you buy an Alpha A100?”

Of those who voted, 5 (45%) said they had already pre-ordered an A100.

3 (27 %) said they were waiting for the price to come down.

Of the remaining three votes, there was 1 each for buying a Nikon, buying another SLR brand and sticking with a film SLR.

Interestingly, no one indicated they were waiting for the Pro Sony model or switching to Canon.

Of course with such a small sampling, the numbers don’t mean much. In addition, since Alphatracks is aimed toward those highly interested in Sony Alpha and Minolta dSLRs, I would expect that most people would be intending to purchase an Alpha at some point.

I’ll post the next poll later today. Hopefully, there will be a better response.

— Tom

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