July 24, 2022


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Pre-ordered Sony Alpha cameras starting to arrive in the USA

Pat Weitzel sent a link to his gallery of images taken with his brand new Sony A100. Not a pre-release prototype, but an actual production Sony Alpha A100. Pat had pre-ordered the camera and it arrived yesterday: July 20.

The color looks good and on one of the flower closeups (DSC00049) you can see what appears to be the gossamer thread of a spider’s web. You’ll have to view the image at the 3872 X 2592 pixel size to see it. Even with a broad-band connection, it takes a while to load at the size, but you can see the strands of the web. Zoom in to see the inside of the flower at image DSC00042 as well.

From information on his blog, I gather Pat lives somewhere in the Cleveland, Ohio area — which means, as of July 20th, US shooters who pre-ordered are starting to get their hands on the A100. That’s great news, as it means Sony has sufficient stock to ship the A100 to the USA well before the expected ship date of August 1st. Let the celebrations begin!

Anyone else pre-order and get their Sony dSLR already?