July 20, 2022


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Sony A100 discount pricing has started — but use caution!

I’ve predicted that discounters would soon start chipping away at the Alpha A100’s list price. Now, less than two weeks after the Alpha started shipping, the discounts appear to have begun. According to the website MySimon, you can obtain a Sony Alpha A100 with the standard zoom lens for as little as $865.00 plus tax and shipping.

Most major retailers are still listing the camera for the original $999.00 price tag — although several including Amazon have knocked a whole $1.00 off the sticker and are selling the camera for $998.00. I guess you could call that a discount — but just a dollar?

Meanwhile, an outfit called Stop 4 Camera is offering the A100 with lens for $865.00. The usual buyer beware cautions applies to dealing with some of these outfits. I have no experience with Stop 4 Cameras so I can’t vouch for them. They only have a 3 star rating out of 5 in the customer review section. That is the worst of all the sites MySimon lists under the Alpha A100 section.

Still, the Stop 4 Cameras web site indicates they are selling a new A100 with all the right stuff in the box. They are located in Brooklyn, New York so you aren’t dealing with some out of the country outfit. It could be a great deal — but be extra careful. If I was buying the camera online, I would buy it with one of those credit cards that offer buyer-protection against fraud.

Anyone have any recommendations about Stop 4 Cameras? Or  how about TriState Camera, which the Amazon marketplace shows is offering the A100 new in the box for $969.00 with lens. Amazon reviewers only give TriState a 50% rating.

Anyone else know of any great deals on the Sony A100? Let us know!

Compare Sony DSLR-A100K Digital Camera Prices – mySimon.com

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