July 27, 2022


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Sony A700 sample images starting to appear online

The Imaging-Resource website has just posted a number of A700 sample images. In addition to images shot in all manner of lighting conditions and ISO ranges, Imaging Resource offers something called the Comparometer™ a web application that allows you to compare images from any two cameras in their data base against each other.

Normally, I’m not a big fan of online image samples, because each computer monitor is different and one photographer may shoot a little differently than I would. So I prefer to make my own tests, since the information will more valid for my type of shooting and my hardware. But this is the A700 were talking about. Since I haven’t gotten my hands on the camera as yet, I plan to go through the images and glean how well Sony has done their image quality homework.

I’m sure many more sites will be offering Sony A700 evaluation images in the near future. If you’ve found some interesting demo images from the Alpha A700 SLR, be sure to drop me a line (or leave a comment.) Let’s try to assemble some good resources for evaluating A700 image quality.