July 27, 2022


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Sony foams Miami: Alpha dSLR part of major promotion

For some time I have been wondering why Sony (SNE) doesn’t use it’s marketing muscle to promote the Alpha dSLR line more effectively. Despite the onslaught of great dSLR models such as the A700, the A350, A300, and A200, I continuously run across people who are completely unaware that Sony is in the dSLR business. Sony is known for their point & shoot models, but their dSLR line up seems to fly under many people’s radar. Surely Sony has the resources to overcome this problem, so why don’t they let their marketing dogs out?

Maybe they have. Sony is embarking on a pretty incredible advertising campaign, centered around, of all things, white foam. To create “Foam City,” Sony covered a big part of Miami with white foam and turned photographers loose to record the event with Sony dSLRs and camcorders. This was a major production, with entire city blocks buried deeply in foam. We’re talking an avalanche of foam, covering everything less than the size of a skyscraper.

You can watch a clip of the Foam City promotion right here:

What is required to coat blocks of a major city with deep white stuff? Among other things, all the drains in the area had to be sealed to keep the foam out of the city’s water supply. The foam is biodegradable and non-toxic, but Sony wasn’t taking any chances. After the shoot, a special spray was used to dissolve the foam and street cleaning machines were used to mop everything up.

Although the principle purpose of the shoot was to create a television commercial, shots from Foam City will be used to promote all sorts of Sony products, including the Sony Alpha dSLR. According to Sony Europe press release:

The foam theme is being used across all digital imaging advertising activity, and, there will be product specific ads appearing in addition to the main advert – focusing on the different technologies of the new ranges.

Oddly, it wasn’t Sony USA reporting on the event, rather it was a release from Sony Europe. Does that mean the campaign will be aimed at Europe rather than the US? Then why film it in the United States?

Wherever the commercial will appear, it sure to be an attention grabber. Those who see it will remember it. Hopefully they will remember the Sony Alpha brand as well.