July 20, 2022


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Sony's new dSLR: the rumor mill cranks into high gear!

File this under “nothing new to see here folks, just keep going about your business.”

The big technology site Engadget has just posted a article about the rumored specs of the Alpha advanced amateur dSLR. Nothing that we haven’t heard before: 14MP, possibly a 1.2 crop, a 2.5-inch LCD and ISO to 3200. There have been lots of similar rumors around, so either everyone is just regurgitating the same rumor or these are real leaked specs.

Meanwhile David Kilpatrick at Photoclub Alpha has the new model pegged at a more reasonable 12MP.

Engadget also references this site, which has information supposedly gleaned from a French site (See what I mean about regurgitation?) that has a long list of supposed specs for the future Sony Alpha. Unfortunately, there is nothing about tethered shooting in there. Arrr!

Like all rumors, you need take all this stuff with a generous grain of salt. Don’t start making room for that shiny new 14mp, 1.2 crop Alpha until Sony actually announces it.