July 21, 2022


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Aftermarket Vertical Grips for the Sony Alpha and Minolta dSLRs

File this under “Be careful what you ask for…”

By far the most sought after information on Alphatracks has concerned Vertical grips for the Sony A100 and the KM Maxxum 5D. Neither Minolta or Sony offered a vertical grip for these dSLRS — a major oversight considering how many people are searching for one. I’ve linked to web stories on making your own grip as well as the DiCain and Ownuser aftermarket grips.

Until recently, however, to obtain one of these units you either needed to live or travel in the Orient — or take your chances trying to order through a non-english website without much in the way of firm details.

At last, however, there is an English language website that offers aftermarket grips for the Maxxum 7D, the Maxxum 5D and the Sony A100. You still have to order from Hong Kong, but this site has contact phone numbers, a return policy, detailed photos of the products and a secure online ordering method. Oh yeah, Gadget Infinity also sells on eBay, where they have a 100% positive feedback ranking of 31,380. That indicates to me the company is legit and I wouldn’t hesitate to order from them.

The information about the grips is fairly minimal, but I think Gadget Infinity is selling the Ownuser grips, although it doesn’t give any brand information for the hardware on the site.

I can’t speak for the quality or how well these grips work. Still they look impressive. If you’re looking for a Sony A100 battery grip or you can’t locate a genuine Minolta 7D vertical grip it looks like GadgetInfinity can hook you up.

Gadget Infinity Website (opens in a new window)