July 20, 2022


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Add a split-screen microprisim to the Sony A100

David Kilpatrick has posted step-by-step instructions with photos, describing how to install a Haoda split-image/microprism screen on the Sony A100 on the Photoclub Alpha blog. It seems fairly painless, although I’m not sure it is something I would want to attempt. Not because I would be afraid to mod my dSLR — although there is always the possibility of causing some damage — and I suspect this could void the camera’s warranty.

More importantly, however, I’m not convinced I would like the new focusing screen. I seldom used the split screen on my film SLRs, finding the split screen to be more a distraction than a focusing aid. Others, however, seem to really like a split screen; and Kilpatrick seems quite happy with his modified Alpha. It might be an improvement, but I’m still concerned I wouldn’t care for the final result.

Of course you can always change back to the original screen, but it seems like a lot of work and expense to go through if you don’t like the new screen.

Still, I appreciate any mods that apply to Sony and Minolta dSLRs, because it encourages small manufacturers to develop products for the Alpha line — and that is always a good thing. It also encourages the Sony community to discover useful mods that can improve the Alpha experience.

If you have a desire for a split screen on your A100, check out David’s instructions on the Photoclub Alpha blog.