July 20, 2022


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Amazon.com lists the Sony A100 release date as August 1

The price comparing web site

My Simon has started listing dealers offering the Sony A100 package with the 18-70mm Lens. Naturally, all the pre-order prices range from $999.00 to $999.99. That is to be expected — we won’t see any price reductions until the camera ships and the early adopters have grabbed up their Alphas. What is interesting is that all the stores are listing the camera as unavailable — except Amazon.com. If you click the link, you’ll find that Amazon doesn’t really have the Alpha 100 in stock, but they are listing a firm shipping date of August 1.

This is good news, because the some of the early predictions I heard were that the Asian market would get their shipments first, while the US might have to wait. If Amazon is correct, Sony will be shipping the A100 to the United States by early August.

I seem to remember that on one of the previous Macintosh OSX releases, some of the people who pre-ordered from Amazon got their software before the official release date. They actually got their shipment before anyone else — even the Apple stores. Which doesn’t mean much — I’m sure that Amazon isn’t always the first to ship a product. Still it is encouraging that Amazon feels that they will be in a position to ship the A100 by early August.

By the way, if you need to feed your A100 fantasies while you’re waiting, there is a Flash file on the Amazon page that lets you scroll around and examine the A100 from any angle.