July 20, 2022


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Senior Sony Alpha manager interviewed at hardwarezone.com

Very interesting article on the hardwarezone.com website. Timothy Fernandez interviews Mr. Keiichi Ishizuka, Deputy Senior General Manager – AMC (Alpha Mount Camera) Division at Sony.

The article is well worth a read, if only for an insight into Sony’s plans for the near term and the future. It also provides an insider’s look into the design process behind the A700.

Although Mr. Ishizuka is somewhat careful not to reveal too much info about what is in the Sony pipeline, he does say that the flagship model ( the rumor sites are calling it the A900, but Ishizuka gives no confirmation of this ) is on track for next year. He also says that Sony is indeed developing a replacement for the A100 and hints that Sony may offer other new models — without saying when such models might be announced.

The bulk of the article discusses the new A700 and the design considerations behind it. Mr. Ishizuka cites picture quality as the top feature of the A700, and also mentions the engineering behind the Alpha A700 dSLR’s shutter and vertical grip. Ishizuka also takes Fernandez on an in-depth look at the A700’s new DRO option.

I expected the DRO to be a great feature. Having read Ishizuka’s comments, I am very excited about trying it out.

If you are a A-mount shooter (Mr. Ishizuka refers to it as the Alpha Mount), you should take the time to read the interview. Whether you are thinking of buying an A700, or you are concerned about Sony’s future plans in the dSLR arena, I think you find the interview very enlightening.

Check out the Keiichi Ishizuka interview at HardwareZone.com.