July 19, 2022


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Sony Alpha A750: did Sony Style leak details?

October 29, 2009:Sony Alpha rumors are always thick on the ground, but the latest one seems to have some real teeth. The website Lets Go Digital has a very interesting screen shot from a Sony Style web page that clearly shows an entry for the “new” Sony A750.

You can check out the Sony Style Alpha A750 leak here.

Lets Go Digital further speculates the new Alpha 750 will be a 14.6MP, full-frame dSLR, priced between the current A550 and the new A850. If so, this sounds like a sweet semi-professional Sony dSLR: full-frame, low noise and reasonably priced. Bring it!

If you thinking of buying a Sony Alpha, I wouldn’t let this tidbit stop you. It is probably too late to get the A750 into stores before Christmas, which means Sony will probably hold off on the introduction until early 2010. Of course, I’ve been wrong before…