July 19, 2022


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Sony of Canada offers scratch off savings on Alpha A100 and other products

Sony of Canada has launched a new “Take the Sony Test” back-to-school promo. If you are lucky enough to shop a Sony Store in Canada in the next month, you can save as much as $150.00 off a shiny new Alpha A100 — or other Sony products.

According to the press release:

“Effective August 4 to September 10, 2006, customers who buy selected Sony products will receive a chance to scratch for instant savings up to $150 off their purchases.”

It doesn’t end there, either. There are a host of instant winner prizes including $500 gift cards, Playstations, LCD Screens and more. Oh yeah — one lucky winner will receive an Alpha A100 kit valued at $1,499.99. (Canadian currency)

Apparently, if you buy an Alpha — or other Sony gear, you will receive a scratch-off ticket that will reveal a dollar amount that you can subtract from your purchase — up to $150.00 worth. The press release wasn’t clear on when you can start scratching, but with most promotions like this, you have to actually buy something before you get the ticket — so you don’t know how much you will save until you’ve agreed to buy the product. Again, based on other promotions like this, there may be a variety of dollar amounts under the scratch card — so you may only save a few bucks. Then again, you might save the full $150.

Still if you live or shop in Canada and plan to buy an A100 — it might be well worth your while to visit a Sony store and buy your camera there. You might wind up getting steal on that new Alpha A100.

If any Canadian readers take the Sony back-to-school test and wind up saving some cash, please leave a comment and let us know! If any other countries are having similar promotions, we want to hear about it as well.

Until next time, stay focused! — Tom

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