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Sony rebates can save $$ on Alpha dSLRs for college students

Sony is offering rebates to college students on a variety of Sony Alpha dslrs and accessories. width=

Sept 13, 2009 Note: If you are not a college level photography student or educator, you might want to skip this post. Otherwise, you might feel a tad envious of those who are.

Students and educators at accredited colleges can take advantage of some nice rebates on a variety of Sony Alpha dSLRs, lenses and flash units.

I was aware that college students could save big on software and certain computer components. But until recently, I was unaware that Sony was extending rebates to college students and professors who purchase certain Sony Alpha cameras.

Like most programs of this sort, only those associated with accredited colleges and universities can participate. Fortunately, Sony has an online verification application, so you can quickly check if you qualify.

The program is open to full-time students who are taking at least one college level photography course. Educators who are involved in a photography related curriculum can also take part in the promotion.

You also have to have a US address, and PO boxes are not acceptable.

If you qualify, there are some sweet deals. You can get back $250 on an Alpha A900, while purchasers of any A700 (body only or with various flavors of the kit lenses) will earn a $100 rebate. Since the A700 in body-only trim is now available from Sony for $999, that means you could acquire a new A700 for a mere $899 after the rebate.

If you already have a Sony or Minolta dSLR, you can also get rebates of $100, $75 or $50 on a host of Sony lenses. You’ll have to check out the Sony rebate site for details on which lenses qualify, but I saw several G and Carl Zeiss lenses on the list, as well as most of the lenses in the Sony catalog. Sony is even offering $50 back on teleconverters.

Need a flash? You can earn $75 back on the HLV-F58AM or get a $50 check if you buy the HLV-F42AM flash.

Sony hasn’t forgotten those of you who are in a market for a vertical grip. You can get $75 back on either the VG-C70AM (A700) or VG-C90AM (A850-A900) grips.

The promotion started June 01, 2009 and runs through December 31, 2009. You must submit a valid form within 30 days of purchase.

Makes me want to enroll in the local Community College, just so I can take advantage of the program.

If you are college student or photography educator, you’ll want to check out the Sony rebate center at https://www.web-rebates.com/Sony/. Let me know if you find anything interesting!