July 23, 2022


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Sony offering great deal on A350 closeout bundle

June 11, 2009 If you are in the market for a new dSLR, Sony is offering a tremendous bargain on a Alpha A350 package. Now through June 16, you can get a special A350 bundle from SonyStyle.

The package includes:

  • Sony A350 14.2MP dSLR with Super Steady Shot and Live View
  • DT-18-70 standard kit lens
  • 55-200mm telephoto lens
  • Vertical Grip VG-B30AM

The cost for all this goodness? How about $699.99 with free shipping?

That is a heck of a deal for a 14MP camera, two lenses and the optional vertical battery grip. This isn’t one of those bait and switch deals from sleazy ripoff artist you have never heard of. No rebates or tricks. This deal is for a new camera direct from Sony.

Yes, it is a closeout. The A350 is being phased out by the new A380. But the specs on the A380 aren’t that much better than the A350. The cameras share the same sensor and live view technology. The A380 offers a choice of SD card or Memory Stick, while the A350 uses Compact Flash cards. (I prefer that myself.) The A350 also has a longer life battery. And, at this writing you can’t get a vertical grip for the A380.

Undoubtedly, the A380 does offer some advantages over the older A350. The new camera is lighter and more compact, and the AF is supposed to be faster. Consider this. You can snap up the entire A350 bundle for $699.99, while the new A380 is priced at $849 with a single 18-55mm lens. Is the newer form factor, lighter weight and faster AF worth the extra cash you will have to plunk down to have the latest and greatest model? Or would you have to have the same basic camera, two lenses and a grip for about a third less than the cost of the A380 with one lens?

Click here to go to the SonyStyle page and see the details. Decide quickly. You’ve got until June 16..