July 20, 2022


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Latest Sony A100 price comparisons

Here are the latest Sony A100 prices for the week. MySimon lists several sites selling the A100 with the 18-70mm zoom lens for under the $999. list price. The lowest price is $926.00. You’ll also find dealers offering the A100K kit for $929 and $938.


Another good price comparison site is C-Net Shopper. A check there shows the A100 and lens available for at two stores for as low as $917.00. If you click on the link below, scroll down to find the stores with the lower prices.

Compare prices, shop, and buy Sony Alpha DSLR-A100K

Finally, a search through Froogle turned up the A100 and lens for $839.00 at InfinitiPhoto.com.

As always, I urge caution when dealing with a place that you are unfamiliar with. I haven’t personally dealt with these low price outfits and I can’t recommend any of them from experience.

Most online merchants are honest — even if they aren’t naturally inclined to be fair, they know that a bad reputation spreads quickly over the Internet. That keeps many retailers in check.

Still there are always unscrupulous dealers who will try to hook someone with a low price. They don’t deliver good service, or the merchandise is faulty in someway. So be extra careful with a merchant you don’t know. If any readers have dealt with one of these merchants — particularly if they got a great deal on a Sony Alpha, please let us know. At the same time, if you have a horror story about a great deal gone sour, let us hear it

Until next time, stay focused! — Tom

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