July 25, 2022


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Sony announces new 24mp full frame sensor — can anyone say A900?

Sony has just announced a 24.8MP full frame 35mm sensor targeted at digital SLRS. The new CMOS sensor is said to use advanced circuitry to overcome the limitations inherent in creating a full frame sensor.

Sony full frame sensor

The answer to a hard drive maker’s prayers: the Sony 24.81mp sensor.

The following is from the Sony press release:

The enhanced image quality generated by the sensor’s 24.81 effective megapixel resolution, wide range of graduation expression achieved by its full size broad dynamic range, and the low noise, high resolution, ultra-responsive performance provided by Sony’s Column-Parallel A/D Conversion technique enable it to meet the ever-increasing requirements within high performance digital SLR cameras.

Sony will target for mass production of this CMOS image sensor within this year.

Major features

  1. High picture quality in 35mm full size image sensor with 24.81M effective pixels
  2. “Column-Parallel A/D Conversion method” achieves high S/N and high-speed imaging
    • CDS/PGA(24dB) Circuit (PGA: Programmable Gain Amplifier)
    • 12bit-AD Converter on chip
    • Diversified readout mode
      • All-pixel scan mode 6.3 frame/s (12bit)
      • Window readout
    • High-speed digital output (12 channel parallel LVDS output)

Device Structure

Image size Diagonal width: 43.3mm (Type 2.7)

Total number of pixels: 6236(H) x 4124(V) approx. 25.72M pixels

Number of effective pixels: 6104(H) x 4064(V) approx.24.81M pixels

Number of active pixels: 6096(H) x 4056(V) approx.24.73M pixels

Chip size: 41.0mm (H) x 31.9 mm (V)

Unit cell size: 5.94um (H) x 5.94um (V)

This sounds pretty incredible. We’ve all heard the “too good to be true” rumors, now we have Sony’s announcement that they will offer a full frame, nearly 25mp sensor.

Two things are evident. This has to be the sensor Sony will use in the flagship/A900 dSLR. It has to be. Sony will undoubtedly offer to sell this sensor to other manufactures including Nikon and Pentax. But they can’t call their top-of-the-line camera the flagship unless it utilizes the best technology Sony has to offer. So unless Sony is developing something even more incredible, this has to be the heart of the flagship.

The other point is the press release says the sensor will be mass produced within this year. That tells me the flagship won’t be on sale any time soon. This year, maybe, but those hoping for a PMA announcement with the camera shipping soon afterwards are going to be disappointed. It is possible Sony could announce the flagship at the PMA show, but from the tone of the press release the top of the line Alpha won’t be on dealer shelves for some time.

Don’t worry too much about the A900. It seems that Sony has a whole box of new toys they are ready to announce at PMA. We are sure to see some new Sony dSLR hardware before the week is up.

If you still have your heart set on the flagship, look at it this way…you’ll have several months to stock up on terabyte hard drives to store all those images from that huge sensor

Watch this space for more Sony dSLR news in the coming days.

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