July 20, 2022


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Sony Alpha division manager interviewed on The Digital Photography Show

Mark Weir, the Senior Technology and Marketing Manager for Sony’s Alpha dSLR division appears in an interview on the latest podcast from The Digital Photography Show.

I am a frequent listener to the DPS podcast. It is an easy-going. no-stress show. Hosts Scott Sherman and Michael Stein freely admit they aren’t professional photographers — they are just a couple of regular guys who are nuts over digital photography. The testimony to their interest in digital photography lies in the latest show, which happens to be episode #84. It takes a lot of work and effort to produce a podcast on a regular basis — most of casts in my iTunes library are abandoned during the first year. Sherman and Stein, however, have just released their eighty-fourth show and don’t appear ready to quit anytime soon.

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Although I enjoy listening to show, the pair spend way too much time yammering about cameras that start with the letters “C” and “N,” WAY too much time. Until recently, they attempted to defend their posture with usual “most people” use certain brand cameras. Now, however, it appears they have had enough complaints from listeners that they have rethought their show. They have started discussing lots of other cameras on the podcast. The Mark Weir interview is one of their efforts to welcome other dSLR makers to their party.

They caught up with Weir at the Sony booth at the recent PMA show. The interview runs about 30 minutes — the first half discusses the Sony Alpha dLSRs, while the second explores some of the new technologies Sony is bringing to their point and shoot models.

There isn’t anything really new in the interview, but it is still worth listening to, especially if you are an A-mount shooter. Weir explains in detail the advantages to the new Sony Live View system offered in the Alpha A300 and A350. He also hammers home the advantages of in-body image stabilization. In addition to not having to buy IS with every lens you acquire, Weir points out that it is impractical to add lens-based IS to many macro and wide aperture lenses. Thus the Sony in-body system allows users to enjoy IS in many types of lenses that are simply unavailable from competing lens-based IS systems.

Weir also proudly announced that the upcoming Alpha flagship dSLR will be the first full-frame SLR with in-body IS. I guess that answers some of our questions on that point. I was really impressed that he was able to say the phrase “Super Steady Shot” and not sound the least bit silly.

Sherman did try to pry information about the price of the flagship out of Weir, but got nowhere. All Weir would say on the subject of price is that he thought everyone would be pleasantly surprised about the price — or words to that effect. I liked hearing that, but only time will tell.

You can download the Sony Mark Weir interview at The Digital Photography Show. As you might expect, the show is also available on iTunes. Just search for The Digital Photography Show in the podcast directory and download episode #84. It’s a fairly long podcast, and a lot of the stuff in the beginning wasn’t all that interesting to me. The Weir interview starts exactly at the 30 minute point.

A while back, I pointed out that the A700 was forcing many of the media to look at Sony with fresh eyes. With the addition of the A200, A300 and the A350, Sony is developing a line of dSLRs that demand respect and attention. It appears that Scott Sherman, Michael Stein and the Digital Photography Show have started to get the message. After all, “A” comes before “C” and “N” in the alphabet!

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